Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday August 14, 2016 #PilotFire, #MineralFire, #HorseshoeFire, #ChimneyFire

Sunday August 14, 2016 California South Ops Smoke Impacts Forecast
Produced By: Jen Croft-Air Resource Advisor
08/14/16 07:30 AM

Discussion:  Smoke conditions for the greater south ops forecast area are showing in the "good" ranges.  Pilot, Mineral, and Horseshoe fires are all in mop-up stages with minimal visible smoke at their locations.  The occasional large brush or stump flare up continues to occur well interior on these fires, with no additional fire growth, and limited smoke impacts due to the short duration of these flare-up events.  This will be the last forecast summary for these fires at this time.

  • Chimney Fire- (San Luis Obispo) reporting fire growth to 1,000 ac over the course of the evening.  This fire is showing 10% containment, with a drop in fire behavior conditions once the temperatures and humidity of the evening hours provided some relief.  Current smoke impacts include pooling and settling of emissions within the community of Paso Robles, although the PM 2.5 monitor in San Luis Obispo is currently reading "good".  The smoke is still very visible from HWY 101 and the local roadways will have reduced visibility until the heat of the day provides some upslope/upvalley lifting currents to push the smoke upwards and out of the valley. 

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