Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - Smoke Report #PilotFire, #MineralFire, #HorseshoeFire

South Ops Smoke Report #PilotFire, #MineralFire, #HorseshoeFire
August 13, 2016
Prepared by: Jen Croft

Continued hotter and drier weather is expected for the next few days with fuel moistures remaining at critical levels.  The low pressure system moving into the area in the next few days has weakened, and is expected to impact Northern California more so than Southern California. 
Pilot Fire (San Bernardino County) – Fire activity is limited to isolated pockets on the southern perimeter.  Current size is 8,151 acres with 96% containment reported this morning. No change in fire size. Smoke impacts related to this fire are limited and localized due to mop-up efforts of large materials and stumps.  The nearest monitor (Crestline) to the fire activity is indicating PM 2.5 conditions have recovered from the initial fire impacts, and are now reading in the “Good” ranges.

Mineral Fire (western Fresno County) – Fire activity is in the cold trail and mop-up stage.  Current perimeter is 7,050 acres with 60% containment reported this morning. No change in fire size.  Smoke impacts are limited to the local area.  The Salinas Valley and Visalia community are showing moderate PM 2.5 levels, however these readings are not related to the minimal fire activity on the Mineral Fire.     

Horseshoe Fire (southwestern Inyo County) – Fire activity diminishing, 368 acres due to improved mapping.  No change in fire growth.  Reporting 73% containment this morning.  Small columns of interior smoke activity may be visible during the heat of day as larger fuels and stumps continue to consume well inside the perimeter.

GENERAL OUTLOOK:  Smoke from the above mentioned fires will continue to impact their respective local areas visually with the occasional small column of smoke appearing as stump holes and large fuels continue to consume within the secured perimeters.  As mop-up efforts proceed, expect to see the localized pooling of smoke in the evening diminish.  The blue-sky model is indicating there is some potential for smoke impacts from the Sobranes fire to drift down the coastline and into the greater Los Angeles area, but this forecast will greatly depend on the arriving weather conditions in the next few days.
CA/NV 2KM BlueSky 8/13/2016 72 Hr Smoke Potentials

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