Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016- Mojave Desert AQMD - Smoke Advisory for the Victor Valley and Surrounding Communities

Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District
14306 Park Avenue, Victorville, CA 92392           
(760) 245-1661

DATE ISSUED:                     August 8, 2016

VALID DATE:                     UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE           

For further information, contact:
Violette Roberts, Community Relations & Education Manager
(760) 245-1661, ext. 6104

Victorville The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District has issued a Smoke Advisory for the Victor Valley and surrounding communities.  Changing weather and fire conditions will determine which areas of the High Desert are affected.

Smoke and ash from the Pilot Fire currently burning above Silverwood Lake could impact air quality in the area. 

If you see or smell smoke or ash in the air where you are, be cautious and use common sense to protect your family’s health.  Everyone – especially people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children – should limit time spent outdoors and avoid outdoor exercise when smoke is in the area.  Use your air conditioning system and place in recirculation mode, if available.  If you have symptoms of lung or heart disease that may be related to exposure to smoke and particles, including repeated coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain, contact your health care provider.

Wildfires generate smoke containing numerous air pollutants including fine particulates known as PM10 and PM2.5.

Levels of smoke and particles will depend on changes in winds and the containment of the fire.  This advisory will be in effect as long as conditions warrant.

The MDAQMD is the local air quality management agency for the High Desert Portion of San Bernardino County and the Palo Verde Valley of Riverside County. 

To sign up for EnviroFlash, the MDAQMD’s automated e-mail forecast service, visit

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