Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014 - Shirley Fire - Kern County

The Shirley Fire, located approximately 2 miles northwest of Lake Isabella, is currently burning at an elevation approximately 1500-3000 feet above the lake shore in grass, shrub, and timber. Smoke is being transported and dispersed down canyon at night, but mixing well and being transported more westerly during the day. Last night smoke settled into the communities near Lake Isabella, with the EBAM at Kernville showing elevated readings from 10 pm until 10 am. At fire camp (due east across the lake from the fire), southerly winds were observed this morning, which helped transport the low level smoke into Kernville. By noon, winds shifted from down canyon to strong westerlies, which dispersed and transported the smoke to the east. Similar patterns are expected tonight and tomorrow. The image below shows the perimeter of the fire as of yesterday, June 15, 2014, in relationship to Lake Isabella, and Kernville. The second image was taken yesterday afternoon from the MODIS Aqua satellite, shows the smoke being transported from the fire to the east.
The time series graph shown below shows an interesting trend in the PM2.5 and ozone concentrations, as measured at the Kernville air quality monitoring station (located on the north side of Lake Isabella.  For reasons described above, the PM2.5 concentrations increase during the night and decrease during the day. The trend is opposite that of ozone which decreases during the night and increases during the day.

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