Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016 - Antelope Valley AQMD Smoke Advisory #SandFire

Antelope Valley - The Antelope Valley Air Quality Management Districts has issued a Smoke Advisory today for Antelope Valley. This advisory will remain in effect until further notice. Windblown smoke from the Sand wildfire burning outside the Antelope Valley is cause smoke impacts in the Antelope Valley area. Shifting winds throughout the day may cause varying smoke impacts within the Antelope Valley.

All individuals are urged to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities in any area directly impacted by smoke. Smoke impacted areas are where residents can see or smell smoke. Air quality may reach Unhealthy levels in areas directly impacted by smoke.

In any area impacted by smoke: Everyone should avoid any vigorous outdoor or indoor exertion; people with respiratory or heart disease, older adults, and children should remain indoors. Keep your windows and doors closed or seek alternate shelter. Avoid using a swamp cooler or whole-house fan to prevent bringing additional smoke inside. To avoid worsening the health effects of smoke, don't use indoor or outdoor wood-burning appliances, including fireplaces.

Wildfires generate smoke containing numerous air pollutants including fine particulates known as PM10 and PM2.5.

For further information, contact:
Bret Banks, Operations Manager (661) 723-8070 x2

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