Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday, July 26, NWS Medford Facebook Post Graphic and Info

From the NWS Medford Facebook page post - Graphic and Information

SICK OF THE SMOKE? Now that the Carr fire has erupted west of Redding, one of the previous options to escape the smoke has been eliminated. You'd have to drive down toward or even past Sacramento now. Even so, there are still some options within a day's drive to get away. Go north on I-5 from Roseburg northward. Also, many locations on the coast remain good options, though some smoke from the Klondike and Natchez fires has made it into Brookings and Crescent City at times.

If you can’t make it out of the area for at least a little while, please make sure to seek shelter in well-filtered air conditioned buildings and if you are outside, utilize an approved mask imprinted with “NIOSH” or “N95” to filter small particulates. If possible, bring outdoor pets indoors. And, for those animals that can’t make it inside, limit their activity and provide shelter and plenty of water.

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