Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016 #SandFire smoke is modeled to impact the Palmdale/Lancaster Area on Sunday

The above is an image of where the smoke from the Sand Fire is modeled to impact on late afternoon Sunday. The South Coast AQMD has issued an advisory due to the fire. Real-time conditions can be found on the EPA's Air Now webpage.


  1. Thank you for plot. I cannot find this image on the epa website that you link. Can you give a more specific link as to where you got this smoke plume map. thank you.

    1. The EPA webpage only contains monitoring data. The smoke plume map is the output of a model run from BlueSky. All of the models can be found at: . These models are run multiple times a day and there are many assumptions that affect the output of the model. Additional information can be found on the AirFire webpage. I hope that helps.