Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday - August 8, 2015 - Central and Northern CA smoke overview

Smoke from the Rocky fire and various fire complexes on the Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests continues to affect most of CA north of Sacramento this weekend.

Though most of the dense smoke farther afield from fires remains aloft, some smoke mixes down during the afternoons.  This created afternoon readings in the moderate to unhealthy categories at monitors up and down the Central Valley and even unhealthy levels as far away as Reno today (8/8/2015).

Smoke from the Cabin and Rough Fires in the Southern Sierra continues to have more localized effects than the Willow fire did, but moderate readings this afternoon in Fresno and webcam and satellite images suggest that smoke from either the northern California fires and/or the Rough and Cabin fires affecting in the Fresno area.

Sunset (8/8/2015) looking northwest over the smoke from the Rough and Cabin fires, from Buck Rock in the Sequoia National Forest
Dispersion may improve Sunday/Monday as winds from the southwest manifest, and then potentially worsen midweek Wednesday. However even with better dispersion, smoke impacts can still worsen if activity on these fires continues to increase.

Stay tuned for more specific local information on current fire conditions and updated smoke forecasts from Air Resource Advisor reports, and your local air district.

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