Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 Last Smoke Impact Summary for the King Fire

Yesterday:  The onset of cooler and wetter weather reduced emissions and overall smoke impacts in and adjacent to the fire area. Rain fell in varying amounts across the fire, further reducing smoke production.  Highest concentrations in smoke were seen in communities within drainages were smoke pooled overnight such as: Garden Valley, Camino, and Pollock Pines.
Today:  Conditions will be similar to yesterday.  Good overnight humidity, cool temps and thunderstorms showers to continue to aid in the suppression efforts and reduce emissions.  Smoke impacts will be local to the fire area. Smoke concentrations will be highest in mountain canyons in the morning and disperse south along the front of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Tomorrow:  Weather will be drying and warming for the next few days.  Smoke may continue to pool locally in canyons and disperse as the day heats up. Locally, the highest impacts are forecast in the Garden Valley community.
                     ****This is the last smoke report for the King Fire****
Expect conditions to improve overtime as interior heat in the fire is extinguished.  Communities closest to the fire will continue to experience smoke in the evening and early morning hours.

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